Saturday, April 10, 2010

the vulgar mind ++

I've started working on the monsters again.  They had a near death experience but made it out alive.  Here are a few that I have drawn out, ready to paint!

They are drawn on wood in ink.  Gotta love the vulgarity.  There is something intimate and unassuming about them that is very attractive to me (and apparently to others, as well).  Many of these contain words or fragments of sentences. They are all things that I have heard come from the mouths of my friends that have stuck with me.

This is a piece I made last spring that I found in a file.  One of the new pieces are based on it (below).  It makes so much sense now.

A larger piece.  My friend, Daniel, wrote this to me in an email several years ago and it has since surfaced in several of my pieces.  Love it.

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