Wednesday, June 29, 2011

summer portraits

Here are a couple of the portraits I have been working on this summer.  They are oil on board. xoxo

The idea I am working on this summer is that of the connection of rationality and the soul.  Western historical philosophers have pointed out that men are typically more inclined to rationality and women are more inclined to be nurturing and instinctual.  This was all fine and well, until some religious philosophers decided that rationality was an indicator of the soul, and hence women, children, and animals (in connection with nature) have been grouped together as an identifiable 'other' in western society due to their apparent lack of rationality and hence, a soul. 

These ideas are centuries old and so integrated into our culture that we rarely recognize them unless we look very hard.  Something very interesting happened during the Surrealist movement at the beginning of the twentith century: as men were connecting women to nature and the child, women took the idea and ran with it.  Surrealist men decided that woman was the gateway to creativity and because of man's lack of instinct and connection to nature, they needed woman as a key to the unconcious.  These women, who were sometimes also artists, were often socially inhibited by these ideas (again, being seen only valuable as a tool for man).  However, in the end, these women used their instinct to create many wonderful pieces long after the end of the Surrealist movement.  I feel like much of the creative liscence I have today can reflect upon the men and women of surrealism and their drive to tap into universal creativity. 

Anyhow, here are a couple portraits that are almost finished in relation to these ideas.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Etsy Items!

I uploaded some new items to my etsy shop this morning. Some super-fab new prints and whatnot.  There is a link to my shop on to the right! Check it!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Life Painting

I did my first portrait painting from life last week!  I think it is pretty good for my first time.  It's 5" x 7" on board in oil.  I am pretty excited!  It only took an hour and a half.  If anyone is interested in trading a 2 hour sitting session for a t shirt or something, let me know! xoxoxo

Monday, June 13, 2011

*wink wink*

Long time, no see, my fellow bloggers!  It's been quite a while since I've blogged, so I threw you lots of juicy meats and pastries today.  I haven't had Internet at home in nearly six months now and while I've long since gone threw withdrawal and come out clean, it's just become really annoying not to have it.  For example: the excessive amounts of energy it takes to post a blog.  SO.  Anyhow.  Perhaps soon I will have the Internet in my residence again have the ability to blog as I choose. 
And so, I present to you, blogging. 
Dan says HI.
I was lucky enough to do a trade with Tanner Wilson.  I gave him my "Hannibal Lector Porn Theatre" set and he gave me this tasty self portrait drawing/painting/mixed media piece "Red Eye." 

Lodge Design

While I was in Indy this past weekend I got to scope out the Lodge, a wonderful, independent little graphic design business at where my dear friend Eric Stine works.  A bunch of dudes making cool shit and drinking beer. What more can you ask for?

IHE Awesomeness

This past weekend was the annual INDIEana Handicraft Exchange, and I saw a few Fort Wayne faces!  In case you are not familiar, the Exchange is a large, contemporary art fair held at the Harrison Center in Indianapolis every June.  It is much akin to the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago, New York, etc. The good folks at Sun King and Homespun organize and execute the event (as well as several other 'mini' events through out the seasons in varying locations).  It is pretty awesome to get together with a bunch of artists and crafters and see what everyone else has been working on while selling some stuff. 
Here is my little crafty portion of our table (Doctor Bad Vibes House of Oddities and I share a table, aka. Eric Stine, check out his website, he's super).
And me and the doctor smiling for the camera.

Sweet Tooth Visit

Last week I was lucky enough to stumble upon Shaun Malinowski working hard in the studio at Sweet Tooth behind Studio 13 on Calhoun.  The screen printing studio is located between two brick walls and has a dreamy concrete floor and wash out booth that isn't anyone's bathtub.  It is pretty freakin sweet.

Here is a shot of Shaun thinking about his next epic project.
And here are some shots of the shop.

Some one needs to grant those boys some airconditioning.  Go buy their stuff!