Saturday, April 23, 2011

let's do the semester-end shuffle

    It has been a fantastic first semester back at school!  I have a fancy new graduate studio in the SOCA building, however, do to domestic circumstances (the child, Ezra),  I have found myself painting at home more as the semester closes.  It is convienient to paint at home, but it all so much easier to be distracted.  SO, whether working at home is beneficial or not remains to be seen.  Here is a photo of the studio I've made at home:

   I converted my second bedroom in to a full-fledged art room by moving my bed into Ezra's room, which he loves.  And, since I'm not counting on getting lucky anytime soon, it all works out.  Hah!  Below are a few paintings I'm trying to finish before next Wednesday's critique. 

These paintings are coming along so nicely.  I feel like I am really understanding oil techniques and color.