Saturday, January 26, 2013

"Paintings are never finished, they are only abandoned."  I'm not sure who said that, but it is very true!  I think any painter or artist could relate to it at least once in a while.  I'm still working on the paintings that were  in the last post.  A couple of them are close to being abandoned ("finished").

The top two are very near completion.  The bottom two...not so much.  They are getting there.  All are a series I started last fall.

The two pieces below are commissions I am working on for Johnson County Library in Kansas.  They are about half way done.

And last, but certainly not least, is a piece I have just recently started.  It is another commission piece and pet portrait of a kitty named "Golem."  I have been listening to the BBC dramatization of the Lord of the Rings while I paint since starting this.  I decided that since I've never actually read the book and am doing a piece that I can only imagine is inspired by one of its characters, that I'd better brush up on my fantasy literature. It's been sketched out and I am starting to lay down the first colors. Enjoy!