Sunday, March 14, 2010


Here are some new little pieces on glass. I've been hard on myself lately because I have an over abundance of these little works. Both leftovers from the watercolors I did last year and the new pieces on glass I've started working on. As well, my sketchbooks are being filled with drawings from the model. I think, why am I wasting my time on these little things? I should be doing bigger, more important pieces instead of messing around with this stuff. But, these little pieces are what keep me sane between bigger projects. And, nearly as soon as I realized this, I had a spark that stuck for some large scale drawings/paintings of the figure. Of course! Time to hit the wood shop and make some big canvases!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


More drawings from the model sessions at Artlink! I had lots of fun drawing the figure above, it reminded me of Mantegna's "Lamentation Over the Dead Christ" (pictured below). Super challenging! Measure and measure again!

The other artists were excited about drawing last night as well. It was a great vibe. The model did a couple 5 minute challenging warm-up poses that got people excited. There was some gleeful laughter after one of the contorted poses. I could tell from the body language of the other drawers, the intent looks, leaning forward, the quick glances and furious sketching...the laughter of excitement at the end of a pose.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

My ladies.

I was the lucky winner of the girl on the left at our white elephant gift exchange this past Christmas at the Firefly. I loved her so much, I made her a friend. (They are tissue box covers)