Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A pinch of prattle.

Feast your eyeballs on the newest series of little watercolor paintings!  So far there are approximately 20 or so of these little vagrants in existence (of this series).  I'm trying something new with these-a wax finish.  Very nice.  Now they are more durable to environmental hazards such as mist from the shower.

The tree is sold, sorry folks. A special commission.  The other two are headed to the Firefly for sale.  They are based on a couple little drawings from last spring (this may have been mentioned in a previous post).

Since the conception of "Something Has Grown Between Us" I have found that when things grow between people they are generally a bit more sinister than evergreens, but this fits the dynamic dualism of my work.  The coupling of cute and demented, vulgar and innocent.  It makes me so very happy. :)

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