Thursday, October 28, 2010

a freaking massacre

Hello, fellow bloggers!

The month of October has found me very busy and I apologize to those of you who check my blog everyday for keeping you so keenly waiting.  It has been nice to have at least one or two art shows a week but it has been a bit nerve-racking on top of my regular duties.  Our fair city has kept everyone on their toes the past few weeks.  Last weekend I got the chance to show off some of my new screen printing skillz a the Monster Mash-Up Blast-O-Rama.

"Medusa" a seven color hand-pulled screen print on paper

"Zombie" another seven color (i think) hand-pulled screen print on paper

"Hannibal Lecter Porn Theater" 4 hand-stenciled, hand-pulled three color screen prints mounted on wood.

And lastly here is a six color screen print collaboration I did with Mr. Eric Stine for the same show.  

Winter is coming and hibernation is about to set in.  My poor little camera has lost a couple nuts and bolts which makes blogging even more difficult.  If any of you bodies out there hear of/know of any point and shooter sales give me a heads up!

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