Sunday, May 16, 2010

existential freakouts

Hello, friends and comrades!
A couple new paintings, larger ones based on the myriad of smaller ones I've been working on.  They were a bit painful to create because they took so long, but I powered through. :) Actually, they both only took a day or two to create, but when a person is used to finishing a work in an hour...
I've decided to pursue a M.A. at Saint Francis.  A tricky decision...but, it is a step in the direction and now I am super excited about getting back in a group studio and under the direction of seasoned artists.  So, now I must produce.  My summer will be dedicated to learning screen printing and beefing up my portfolio.  Not a bad way to spend a summer.


monkeyslounge said...

If you are looking to unload any t-shirts when you start screen printing... Count me in!!!

Ryan said...

That top one is so fantastic, i can't stop looking at it