Sunday, July 26, 2009

crop rotation

Dan came over yesterday and as we were chatting about the love and woes of art he offered up the idea that I needed to switch it up a bit. Agreed. I've been going at these little watercolors so hard I'm a little burnt out. Dave Mustard came home for a few days and while we were chatting he said he could always tell when I made something because it was so "Devil may care." Ha! So, here it is. A bit of crop rotation inspired by my friends.

My friends have been soooo awesome lately. I'm so lucky. I got a "You Are Free" tattoo last week on my inner arm (not shown in painting) that makes me feel a bit like the stars are lining up. This is another transitional piece. All pieces are transitions, really, as we are in a perpetual state of transition, however, some more so than others. I never could have painted myself in this manner previously and it feels GREAT to have the freedom to do so.

Finding myself again....


laura said...

I love this Beckie. You are unfolding~

jeanmarie. said...

Love it :)