Friday, May 22, 2009

a little break

Ah, a little break. Time to paint.

The monster show is coming up and I am super excited! Work should start rolling in this coming week and I can't wait to see it all. It should be a good display of what this little community and network I've been building is made of.


Here is a little painting I did today. It's not for the monster show, but an off shoot. A little something that's been stirred up in my brain by the monster show.


I love nice thoughts. It's always nice when people have a nice idea, but sometimes that's all it is, a nice thought. I feel like lately I've been losing my faith in humanity. It won't last, it's just been tough recently. The best way I can explain how I come to this idea "I love nice thoughts" is by way of religion. There are so many nice fluffy ideas floating around brought about by religion. But, really? That's a nice way of coping with ie. minimizing/clouding the tough stuff.

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